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SMI's Snow Gun Matrix

SMI Puma Snowmakers

Puma »

The Puma® was designed to interface with automation and control software for optimum performance in any snowmaking weather, especially in marginal temperatures.

SMI Viking SnowTowers

Viking »

The SMI Viking SnowTower Series includes the V2 and Viking Kid that have been developed to meet the needs of customers wanting fixed position, colder condition, and lower cost snowmaking.

SMI Axis SnowTowers

Axis »

The SMI Axis Snowtower™ (patent pending) has a pivoting head that dramatically improves nucleation and nozzle mixing as wind conditions change, thus allowing for more hang time.

SMI Wizzard Snowmakers

Wizzard »

SMI’s Wizzard series was designed for resorts facing marginal snowmaking conditions.

SMI Swing Arm Towers

Swing Arm Tower »

The SMI Swing Arm Tower Mount offers your resort the capability to project a SMI fan snowmaker out over a trail while raising the height to allow for maximum hang time.

SMI Carriage Lift Towers

Carriage Lift Tower »

The SMI Carriage Lift Tower delivers the enhanced productivity of a tower, with the outstanding flexibility of a carriage mount.

SMI Conversion Kits

Conversion Kits »

Upgrade an older SMI Highland snowmaker or convert from another brand like Lenko, Areco or Turbo Crystal, to an SMI Wizzard or PoleCat.