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SMI Research & Development

We welcome you to visit our main factory at our headquarters in Midland Michigan. This factory has been in place since 1974 and has expanded over time with the company. The main equipment design, testing and fabrication and assembly happens at this facility.

"Our state-of-the-art Michigan facility and full CNC machine shop is the breeding ground for next-generation ideas and systems."

Research and Development of new and improved products and processes remains an important aspect of meeting SMI’s mission of providing the best snowmaking products and values for our customers. SMI spends thousands of man hours each year on new product design and testing along with competitive benchmarking. At the SMI factory in Michigan we have the only dedicated and integrated snowmaking research and testing facility at a snowmaking production facility in the world. And this allows us to design, test and modify right out our door!

We have a 10 Million gallon lake (40,000 cubic meters) along 4 differing pumping systems and large air compressor to feed resources to the test snowguns. We have 6 hydrant and vault snowmaking stations, along with digital air and water flowmeters and pressure and temperature transducers. We use fiber optic, radio and hard wired communications.

The SMI manufacturing facility in MI also houses 4 CNC machines in our machining center. We build parts in house to help control the quality, delivery and costs for key technology components in our products.