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SMI Puma

The Puma® snowmaker was designed to interface with automation and control software for optimum performance in any snowmaking weather, especially in marginal conditions. The Puma is equipped with an onboard aspirated weather station, air and water pressure monitoring, and automated flow control. The small flow steps deliver a smooth snowmaking curve, fine-tuning the water volume, air pressure and nucleation to best suit the existing conditions.

Each unit employs a convenient touch-screen panel at eye level for manual control, and the Puma can be configured to communicate with a central computer via hard wire or by radio, using either central or distributed intelligence.

In addition, operators can raise and lower the barrel or adjust the oscillation arc up to 359° on any number of machines from a central command station, delivering pinpoint control with minimal labor. The result is better snow distribution and reduced man-hours needed for grooming.

Super PoleCat

The Puma® snowmaker has been developed with input from customers, service technicians and sales reps, with a goal of maximizing production over a wide range of conditions, especially in marginal temperatures, and was designed to interface with automation and control software for optimum performance.

SMI’s SmartSnow™ Automation & Control software is flexible and customizable and offers proven communication options, accurate weather measurement, supporting equipment and instrumentation, integrated auxiliary equipment, and service that is second to none.

Learn more about your automation options »

SmartSnow Screen


  • Three phase
  • Fan:

  • 20 HP (15 kW):
  • 1760 rpm (1760 U/m) at 480V/60Hz
  • 1450 rpm (1450 U/m) at 400V/50Hz
  • Propeller: SMI 7 blade aluminum
  • Screen: stainless steel
  • Compressor options:

  • 5 or 10 HP (4 or 7.5 Kw) Rotary Vane
  • Heating:

  • 500 to 2,500 W
  • Water Pressure:

  • 150 – 1000 psi (10 – 68 bar)
  • Water Connection:

  • Customer’s choice


  • 4 self-draining heated 3-way valves


  • Periphery with 27 nozzles
  • Filtration System:

  • Stainless steel filter with washable 30 mesh screen
  • Electrical Cord:

  • Tower: 30’ (10 m), Carriage: 100’ (30 m)
  • Rotation:

  • 360° horizontal rotation -10° to 60° elevation adjustment
  • Oscillator:

  • Included as standard for 359° rotation with programmable arcs

The SMI Puma snow machines have the following options:

  1. Lift Tower
  2. 5" or 8" Tower customizable height and lower panel
  3. Swing Arm
  4. Puma 360 Carriage
  5. 2' Tower center feed vaulted or above ground
  6. Vault Tower and Vault
  7. OMNI portable mount

1. Lift Tower

2. 360 Tower

3. Swing Arm

4. 10.5' or 15.5' Tower

5. Vault Tower

6. Vault Tower

7. OMNI Portable Mount