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Kid PoleCat

SMI’s Kid PoleCat is your go to small-throw simple nozzle fan snowmaking product built to excel in all temperature conditions. Designed to be simple to operate and maintain using a 7.5HP (5.5kW) fan and 18 customizable nozzles to achieve water flows specific to your climate and snow quality goals. These 18 nozzles are nucleated with a single central six jet nucleator nozzle. Water flow is easily controlled by two heated, self-draining valves.

The Kid PoleCat has evolved from more than 35 years of snowmaking experience. As SMI’s lightest and most portable design, the versatile unit can be positioned exactly where it’s needed most. Yet it’s so quiet that skiers are unlikely to even notice when it’s running on the slopes.

Kid PoleCat Auto

The SMI Kid PoleCat snow machine has the following mount options: