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  • SMI Axis SnowTower
  • SMI Axis SnowTower
  • SMI Axis SnowTower
  • SMI Axis SnowTower
  • SMI Axis SnowTower
  • SMI Axis SnowTower
  • SMI Axis SnowTower
  • SMI Axis SnowTower
  • SMI Axis SnowTower
  • SMI Axis SnowTower
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Axis SnowTower

The SMI Axis Snowtower™ (patent pending) has a pivoting head that dramatically improves nucleation and nozzle mixing as wind conditions change, thus allowing for more hang time. Low energy sticks have been successfully used in all snowmaking conditions for many years but have had certain disadvantages resulting from changing wind directions, especially wind not blowing from behind the head, and crosswinds. These challenges have prevented optimum hang time from occurring along with inconsistent nucleation and nozzle mixing, and have also resulted in wetter snow piles.

The Axis Snowtower™ solves these problems because it is designed with a head that can be rotated into infinite changing positions up or down the slope to better take advantage of the winds blowing with the gun and more easily allow you to keep making the snow quality and quantity you desire. The Axis is designed in a Narrow Trail (NT) version as well to pinpoint a hole. Reach out to you SMI Representative to learn more.

SMI Axis SnowTower logo
This low energy air / water stick was developed for low energy hill air applications and features:

Approximate overall height:

  • 15’ (4.5m), 20' (6m), 30' (9m)
  • Water nozzles:

  • 4 nozzles
  • Nucleation nozzles:

  • 2 nozzles
  • Air supply:

  • minimum 20 cfm (0.57 m3/min) for hill air
  • Jack:

  • removable hydraulic with safety latch
    • Boom and head assembly:

    • aluminum
    • Tower and base:

    • galvanized steel
    • Operating water pressure range:

    • 250-1000 psi (17 - 68 bar)
    • Head Rotation:

    • full 360 degree rotation at any increment allows you to position the head for any wind condition while maximizing nucleation and nozzle mixing with the wind
    • Optional on board compressor version available

    The SMI Axis SnowTowers have the following mount options: