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SMI Hydrants & Actuators

The Automatic Hydrant Actuator offers a proven and flexible approach to your automatic snowmaking needs. Its many features include:

  • Portable or can be used in fixed position tower
  • Fits onto all major hydrant brands
  • Offers adjustable torque and height settings
  • Can throttle the water pressure to increase flow as the temperature drops between flow steps or can hold a set point pressure
  • Can also decrease flows as the temperature rises
  • Hydrant will fail close upon power loss or system or gun problems (w/ battery back-up feature)
  • Menu-driven set up
  • Manual push buttons for open and close
  • Adapters for all hydrant makes
  • Adapters attach easily to existing hydrants
  • Fail close on power loss with built in battery in full auto control panel
  • Adjustable torque and opening/closing time settings
  • Can hold fixed pressure set point within +/- 5 psi
  • Can vary water pressures and flows as temperature changes within wet bulb steps
  • Positive position feedback