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SMI Snowmaking History

  • Snowstream snowmaker

    1960's: SnowStream - first airless fan snowmaker sold

  • SMI Headquarters in MIdland, MI

    1970's: SMI moves head quarters to Midland, MI

  • Highland snowmaker

    1980's: Highland Snowmaker launched

  • Silent Storm snowmaker

    1980's: Silent Storm Snowmaker launched

  • Wizzard snowmaker

    1990's: Wizzard Snowmaker launched

  • Super PoleCat snowmaker

    2000's: Super PoleCat Snowmaker launched

  • Viking SnowTower

    2000's: Viking SnowTower launched

  • Puma Automatic Snowmaker

    2010's: Puma automatic snowmaker introduced

  • Axis SnowTower

    2010's: Axis SnowTower introduced

  • SmartSnow Software

    2010's: SMI SmartSnow version 6.0 launched

1960’s: New idea of snowmaking
  • Snow Machines International founded in New York
  • Snowstream (first airless fan Snowmaker) – first unit sold
1970’s: Snowmaking is pioneered
  • Boyne Snowmaker introduced
  • SMI moved to Midland, Michigan under new ownership of Jim VanderKelen
  • SMI enters European Market via Switzerland
  • Ducted Fan Snowmaking introduced in North America - Boyne Snowmaker
1980’s: Snowmaking gains traction in the market
  • Highland Snowmaker launched
  • SMI enters down under markets in New Zealand and Australia
  • Silent Storm Snowmaker launched – quietest Snowmaker in the world
1990’s: Snowmaking a must for profits
  • SMI 3000 launched – first hydraulic powered Snowmaker
  • PoleCat Snowmaker – “user friendly” version of Boyne/Highland
  • First SMI Automation System introduced – SmartSnow version 1.0
  • SMI enters Japanese market through Nippon Cable
  • R&R enters agreement to represent SMI snow machines to South Korean market
  • Telemet partners with SMI in South America
  • SMI and Krokonos Sports agree to market snow machines to Czech Republic
  • Wizzard Snowmaker launched – small nozzle technology
  • SMI signs agreement with MWI for coverage of Chinese market
  • Kid Wizzard Snowmaker introduced – designed for smaller throws
  • Super Wizzard Snowmaker launched – larger throws and high snow production
2000’s: Snowmaking goes high-tech
  • Super PoleCat – large throws and high snow production
  • SMI and Skado sign agreement for marketing snow machines in Russia
  • Viking SnowTower – patented advanced air/water gun
  • SMI Water Sticks launched in Europe
  • Hydrant Actuator developed for Automation System
  • SMI SmartSnow Software version 2.0
  • SMI SmartSnow version 3.0
  • Wireless Ethernet Communications option developed
  • SMI SmartSnow version 4.0 launched
  • SMI SmartSnow version 5.0 launched