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SMI Snowmaking History

1974SMI Founded by Jim VanderKelen

1974First product: SnowStream

1976First SnowNews

1977SnowStream on Boom

1977Boyne Snowmaker

1982Highland Snowmaker

1984First Olympics

1984Mobile Double Boyne

1985Boyne on JT Tracked Vehicle


1988First SAM Ad

1989SMI Oscillation Patent

1990Snow Groomer Powered Boyne

1991Joe VanderKelen becomes President

1991Silent Storm

1992SMI automation is formed - first auto systems developed

1992First International Rep Meeting

1994Standard PoleCat

1995Standard Wizzard

1996SMI Headquarters R&D Expansion

1996PoleCat Conversion Kits

1997Kid Wizzard

1997Wizzard Conversion Kits

1998Super Wizzard

2000Super PoleCat

2001SmartSnow Software Introduced

2001Major Office and Factory Expansion

2001Automatic Hydrant

2002Salt Lake Olympics

2003Viking SnowTower

2003SmartSnow 2.0

2004Auto Vikings

2006Kid PoleCat

2006SMI Offices Double

2007Carriage Lift Mount

2009Silent PoleCat

2009Swing Arm Mount

2011Viking V2 and Kid SnowTowers

2011Axis SnowTower

2012Puma Snowmaker

2013Delta and Omni Mounts

2014SMI 40th Anniversary

2015Super Puma