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Kid Viking SnowTower

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The Viking Kid has been designed for the customer looking for easy portability on the mountain, simple set up, and low cost snowmaking. Features of the Viking Kid include a single step (on / off) air water stick; simple fasteners for easy disas- sembly, removal and reinstallation on the mountain (no tools necessary); light weight components for easy transportation; and an easy lift off compressor and control panels.

The Viking Kid is available in Standard (4 water nozzles and 2 nucleators) and Narrow Trail (2 water nozzles and 1 nucleator) models of 16 feet (5 meters) and 25 feet (7.6 meters). Nucleation is provided through either central air or on-board compressors feeding SMI custom nucleator nozzles.

The Viking Kid SnowTower has many flexible automation options including remote control and full automatic modes of operation for individual standalone machines or when connected to a complete network.

SMI’s SmartSnow™ Automation & Control software is flexible and customizable and offers proven communication options, accurate weather measurement, supporting equipment and instrumentation, integrated auxiliary equipment, and service that is second to none.

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SmartSnow Screen
This low energy air / water stick relies on the shared accessories available in the Viking product family such as:

i) Common vault

For direct mounting of stick (Optional covered and heated concrete vault provides base tube mounting, electrical, water, air (optional), and communication (optional) connection ports)

ii) Common base assembly

iii) Easy lift off components

iv) Removable jack

Approximate overall height:

  • 20’ (6 m) or 30’ (9 m)
  • Water nozzles:

  • 2 or 4 nozzles
    • Nucleation nozzles:

    • 1 or 2 nozzles
    • Air supply:

    • minimum 20 cfm (0.57 m3/min) for hill air
    • Jack:

    • removable hydraulic with safety latch
    • Boom and head assembly:

    • aluminum
    • Tower and base:

    • galvanized steel
    • Operating water pressure range:

    • 250-870 psi (17 - 60 bar)
    • Feed-through tower assembly for clean appearance

    The Kid SnowTowers have the following mount options:

    1. Portable sled w/transp brackets
    2. Foundation (concrete not included)
    3. Portable sled: Narrow trail only

    1. Portable Sled w/lift brackets

    Portable Sled

    2. Foundation


    3. Portable Sled

    Portable Sled