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    Read Snow News 2017-2018

    If you didn't get a hard copy or email of SMI Snow News 2017-2018, you can read it here.

  • SMI SmartParts

    Smart Parts has Launched!

    SmartParts is our new customer portal that has everything to set up and maintain your SMI snowmaking equipment. Register today to keep your equipment in optimal performance.

  • SMI Jeongseon Olympic Venue

    SMI's 7th Olympic Venue

    Jeongseon Alpine Olympic Venue »

  • SMI Super Puma
  • Dr. Snow's Clinic

    Dr. Snow's Clinic

    Watch our video tutorials for snow gun maintenance and care.

  • SmartSnow 7.0 software

    Remote. Access.

    Simple. Elegant. Responsive. Learn more.

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  • Snowmaking Equipment

    Snowmaking Equipment

    Whether it's a large-scale system of Pumas or PoleCats fully automated or a single Viking or Axis SnowTower with an on/off switch, SMI's snowmaking equipment offer flexibile solutions.

  • Master Planning for Snowmaking Systems

    Master Planning

    Good plans shape good decisions. Developing and implementing a snowmaking master plan can help you provide the best snow surfaces to your guests for the least total cost.

  • Customer Snowmaking Successes

    Customer Successes

    From the Winter Olympics to world-renowned resorts and boutique lodges, SMI creates the perfect snow quality - the kind that reputations and thriving operations are built on.

WeatherProof Your Resort

We are a global supplier of cutting-edge snow making machines, and resort master planning construction and engineering services. We have served over 800 resorts around the world, from simple to very complex snow making system designs. SMI SnowMakers, Inc. is a service-oriented firm, dedicated to creating and delivering energy-efficient, quality snowmaking equipment and solutions to our customers. Our customer-focused commitment to snow making innovation and technology, as well as our extensive history and range of experience, has made SMI a world-leader in snowmaking systems and services.

For more information about our snowmaking machines and services, call +1-989-631-6091.

*WeatherProof™ is a trademark owned by Snow Machines, Inc., manufacturers of snowmaking equipment world-wide.

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